Leader as Coach: Bringing Out the Best in Your Employees

Coaching is the investment in human capital that opens the door for individual and organizational performance improvement. It is an investment of time and care into the life of another individual that prepares them for the challenges that lie ahead. The challenge may be a project that needs completing, a new job that needs tackling, or the selection of a new career path.

Leader as Coach will show how leaders must coach their direct‑reports in order to enable them to achieve their goals and in turn deliver inspired results.

Learning objectives:

·      Participants who attend this workshop will:

·      Identify methods for manager to employee coaching

·      Explore how coaching reinforces what it takes to be a purposeful leader

·      Practice their coaching skills with one another

·      Learn keys to “peer coaching” (and possibly select a peer coach partner)


Module 1

Exercise: Getting out of your comfort zone

Gut Check Question: What I Must Do to Lead?

Taking the Pain out of Behavioral Change


Module 2

Action Coaching Model:

·      Plan Ahead

·      Uncover the Tick Factor

·      Engage in Constructive Conversation

·      Gain Agreement


Module 3

Understanding What Keeps High Achievers from Rising

What It Takes to Lead with Purpose and Inspiration

·      Strengthening your own purpose

·      Instill purpose in others

·      Demonstrating what it takes to inspire others


Module 4

Introduce Peer Coaching

Peer Coaching Model

·      Observe

·      Converse

·      Suggest

·      Follow up


Who should attend:
Middle managers and above



Participants will discover ways to leverage the power of coaching to create conditions for employees to learn how to deepen their managerial and leadership capabilities.

Click to download Leader as Coach workshop [PDF]

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